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Back to the (New) Drawing Board

News from the studio: I got a new drawing board! It’s one of those adjustable and portable ones. I’ve always wanted one of those old-school tilting drawing tables but was never sure how to fit it into the space that I have. This one works well and keeps me from bending over my work, which has been straining my neck lately. Last year I had to bail on Inktober (that thing where people draw things every day in October and share them on social media) because it hurt from my neck all the way down to my wrist. I have since learned that an adult human head weighs as much as a bowling ball. Imagine our poor necks, straining to keep our heads in odd drawing positions for hours and hours! So now I sit up straight and avoid sticking my neck out and hunching. It’s made a huge difference.

The project on that drawing board is for a doughnut shop called Curiosity Doughnuts (in Whole Foods Princeton). I get to paint a bunch of gourmet doughnuts, which is both satisfying and hunger-inducing!

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