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Cork Sailboat Craft

Cork boat craft from MAYDAY MOUSE by Seb Braun! If you have some corks, pennies, leaves and toothpicks around, this is a fun thing to do.

• Cut corks in half lengthwise with a sharp xacto or utility knife (adults only 😊)

• Cut a line along the rounded side of the cork and push the penny in (that’s the keel).

• Stick the toothpick into the flat part of your half-cork (that’s the mast).

• Leaf sail: we found that lilac leaves were the most sea-worthy sails around our area — experiment with the leaves in your yard or in your apartment if you have house plants. Pierce the leaf with the toothpick through the bottom and the very top of the leaf.

• We tied thread spools onto our masts and secured the spools onto the toothpick handles with buttons (the button holes were miraculously just the right size, I don’t know how that happened.) We did this so we could retrieve our boats from the river, but this is optional: you can race these boats in a bathtub by blowing on them with straws.

This staved off some very grouchy/boring mornings. 😊 ⛵️

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