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The Drawing Board: self-doubt, frustration, serenity, bliss (repeat!)

I was back at my drawing board today after a long time away from watercolor paper and gouache. I puttered and puttered before finally getting down to business, which usually means I’m anxious about starting. Sometimes at the start of a new project, before I get some good momentum, I start to ruminate and doubt all the little decisions I’m about to make. But once I get the brush or pencil on the paper, I can inch my way into the zone. For this new project, I found it helpful to revisit some older work of mine from CAT’S COLORS (Child’s Play, 2016). I liked what I had done with brush strokes and layers and tried to retrace my steps. I‘m currently in the ”bliss“ phase of this painting — I‘ll keep you posted!

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Leslie Buck
Leslie Buck
Aug 16, 2019

Love it Air !! I’m so excited about your blog. Can’t wait to read about your daily creative ideas, see your fabulous drawings and paintings 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️ I am so proud of you. I knew you would be an incredible author and illustrator since you were five , when you and Linds would spend hours drawing , creating stories and plays about horses, dogs and other pets. Your dedication was so impressive !

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