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Books Fly at the Princeton Children’s Book Festival

Spending a lot of time at the drawing board can be an isolating endeavor, but this weekend we smashed that lonely-artist feeling to smithereens! The festival tent was packed with book lovers of all ages and some of my favorite authors and illustrators. It’s a benefit for the Princeton Public Library and is team-hosted by the library and JaZams, a book and toy store (and gathering place for Princeton creatives). I wanted to take more pictures but there was a lot of signing to do, and the books were flying off the tables! It’s an extremely busy event. Hanging out after the event with a bunch of kidlit people that I admire was an absolute dream.

👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 My very own author pin, hand-made by K-Fai Steele! 💙

Josh Funk and me, fellow Andrea Brown Literary Agency and super-agent Kathleen Rushall teammates 👑

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